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Virtual Kung Fu Academy.

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Perhaps you have purchased courses or videos before, but not been able to follow along or commit? Or you want to join a professional school, but there is none in your area, or the class timetable doesn't suit your schedule?

I have been thinking of the best way to teach online- after 28 years of being a professional instructor with 25 years owning my own full time academy- I have finally figured it out!

It does mean that the registration is only open for a short time each year, but if you make the commitment to wait, and follow the program- I will be able to make the commitment to you.

The academy lessons will include 'warm ups', ''fundamental exercises', 'forms' and 'cool downs'. New material is added EVERY WEEK (48 weeks per year). As the course progresses, you will have plenty of material and workouts to choose from, as well as new material. But the lessons are added progressively, so you will know exactly what to work on.

In addition to this- once per week, I will do a LIVE video conference via 'Zoom' that you can log into- ask questions, and I will answer, breakdown, demonstrate etc.

If you wish, you can use a webcam and I will watch you and give individual feedback and corrections, or if you prefer, just watch or send questions via the 'chat box'.

If you can't make the live program- don't worry! I will record it, and upload it to the page, so you can catch up on your own time.

As well as this- you get access to a private 'Facebook' group where you can interact with the other students- share your training, motivate each other etc. I will be active in the group- answering questions and helping out.

As you can see-:this is not your typical course- it is an interactive community that will be the closest thing to training in my school- with the same classes and curriculum, but much cheaper and at your convenience.

One of the greatest joys in my life is the friendships I have made through travelling the world learning and teaching. With a 'Virtual Academy' I will be able to teach classes from all over the world and have some amazing guest instructors including Kung Fu master Rik Kellerman from Ten Tigers Academy  in New York, Pavel Macek- master level strength and conditioning coach, and head of 'Practical Hung Kyun' as well as my incredible Kung Fu family in Hong Kong and China. There are other instructors to be announced. As a member, you will have access to these wonderful teachers as I film my training and put bonus lessons on the online academy.

The registration opens for a short time each year. If you miss the registration, you can put your name down, and try some of my shorter courses and free material to get you started in the meantime until the next enrolment!

Hope to see you in the class,

David Rogers Sifu,

Chief Instructor.

p.s- want to know more about me, and why you should learn at my school?

Well you can check out MY WEBSITE where I tell you about myself, and link to a lot of articles and interviews etc

Want to see more videos of my students, kung fu, tai chi and my fight team? There are over 100 videos on my  YOUTUBE CHANNEL

I also have a FACEBOOK PAGE where I share a lot of free content.

Academy Curriculum

Here is what you can expect to learn in the academy

Basic Curriculum:

  • Selection of warm up and cool down lessons
  • Stretching and mobility exercises
  • Strength training with specialised equipment
  • Stance training sequence
  • 14 Seed Punches, 12 Bridges and 8 Kicks
  • Complete 'Gum Gong Kyun' Routine with form, application and power development

Intermediate Curriculum:

  • Conditioning exercises for palm, shin and forearm
  • Iron Body Chi Kung Training
  • Complete 'Siu Law Horn' Sequence
  • 'Dit Bay Kyun' Paired sequence
  • Yellow Dragon Stick Form

Advanced Curriculum:

  • Tiger and Crane Set
  • Hap Gar Sword Form
  • 'Dai Law Horn' advanced set
  • Hap Gar Spear Set
  • 'Needle in Cotton' Internal Form


  • How much does membership cost?

    Membership to the online academy is $39 per month. As we have students from many countries, we use US$ as it is the most common international currency. But you can pay in your own currency on the site, no problem. Membership is automatically collected every month unless you stop it (which you can do any time) For my UK students: This is approximately £6.75 per week.

  • Can I take the course on any device?

    Absolutely! You can use tablet, phone or computer- so you will never be without your lessons.

  • Once I have signed up how do I get new material?

    New material is added to the course EVERY WEEK (48 Weeks per year), the program is ongoing, so when you complete the fundamentals course, you continue with the intermediate and advanced programs. That means that for as long as you want to remain a member, you will continue to learn new material.

  • Is it suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely! The program starts form the beginning, and it will get progressively harder as your skill and knowledge improves- but don't worry! You can follow at your own pace.

  • Can you really learn kung fu or tai chi online?

    I often get asked this, and made a video especially to answer it. (Spoiler: The answer is 'Yes!') You can check out the video on my Youtube channel. The important thing is that you follow the program, practise regularly, and get feedback and corrections.

  • How much do I need to practise to keep up?

    Ideally, you need to get into a habit of almost daily practise to get the full benefit, but you will see results even if you can only spare a couple of times per week. Of course- you can split the class into short sessions if it fits your time better. Generally- the more you practise the better you will get, but I would suggest not rushing through the content. Quality is better than quantity!

  • Can I cancel my membership any time?

    Yes, you can. (I would be sad to see you go- but there is no contract or minimum membership.) You can, of course rejoin at the next enrolment.

  • How long is the course?

    The course is ongoing and new material is added every week, so you can stay in the academy as long or as short as you wish. The fundamentals of the style and the first form are taught in the first 6 months of the academy, after that, more advanced material is introduced.

  • Can I join after the course begins?

    Unfortunately, no. The only way I can teach a group to my best standard is to limit the enrolments- this is not like buying a video, it is enrolling at my school. I want to commit to teaching you, and being there for you.

Check out what people are saying:

We have over 300 reviews on Google and Facebook, you can see for yourself what our members think of us.


Sifu Rik Kellerman

As a Martial Artist with over 47 years experience, and teaching for 35 years, I can say with the highest confidence that Sifu David Rogers is one of the finest instructors I have ever had the pleasure to meet and train with. He is a rare find. In a profession that is full of overnight experts, to see someone that has devoted his entire life to the study and practice of Martial Arts. David continues to explore and improve his art, his teaching, and of course, his students. He is a caring instructor, with a personal approach, tending to the individual needs of each student. His vast knowledge, coupled with his warm sense of humor makes each class fun, exciting and informative.


The San Francisco Hung Gar Kung Fu Association

After over 40 years in the martial arts, I count Rising Crane Centre founder and chief instructor David Rogers as an amazing colleague, and a dear, trusted friend. Exemplary in his field, he has traveled the world, training and learning from lineage masters, and great modern innovators alike. This knowledge and experience, and the passion that David Rogers has for helping others find their own focus in fitness, traditional, and progressive martial arts programs is no less than inspirational, and will always put Rising Crane at the vanguard!


Pavel Macek Sifu, 'Practical Hung Kyun'

Best of the traditional and modern combat arts for health, strength, combat efficiency and personal development. Respect!



Love learning at the Rising Crane. Very patient, knowledgeable teachers who make lessons fun. Also tai chi has done wonders my back and my posture. Would definitely recommend.



David Rogers Sifu is a kind and honest man. I had the honour of spending a few days under his lead and learned a lot even for such a short time. Great practical skills and a cheerful, yet firm attitude.



I have been training at the Rising Crane for 20 years now and still learn something new each week! Training with Sifu Rogers is an honour and over the years has become an inspiration and a good friend, the level of knowledge which is shared is unconditional, all coaches are trained to the highest standard and are friendly , helpful and a joy to know. I never imagined myself to be any good at martial arts and to this day I go for friendships I’ve grown and for the people I’ve learned to call my Kung Fu family 🙏 So if you think you want to try but can’t see yourself completely immersed in the martial arts world, then come for confidence building the encouragement and the friendships. Good luck



Great gym. Deep understanding on several Martial arts. All trainers are very skilled and experienced always willing to help and to share their knowledge with you. Atmosphere during trainings is good and safe for everyone. Training since one year ago here and planning to keep doing it so for as long as I can.



Great place, great teacher, offering an extremely rare opportunity to learn both MMA and high quality traditional Chinese martial arts, taught with rigour and intelligence. Bedford you are blessed to have Rising Crane on your doorstep. David is a true exponent of the martial arts mindset, always seeking excellence.



Happy helpful friendly people with a lot to share would recommend to anyone who is looking to live a full healthy life come and have a go and enjoy learning some new skills or even improve on old ones at the same time as getting fit and learning to free your mind



Rising Crane was recommended to me by a friend. As a total beginner with some motivational difficulties, I've found it instructive and helpful with staff and other members who are friendly and patient. Just wonderful for someone like me who needs to take her own time while seeing where more experienced members have got to. A nicely balanced approach, taught by people who really care.

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