Tai Chi Foundation Course

Tai Chi is a wonderful art that leaves you feeling refreshed and energised, yet it has many of the benefits of more strenuous exercise: Increased bone density, improvement of balance and core strength, plus improvement of breathing and stress reduction. It can be practised by all ages and fitness levels.

You may have tried to learn tai chi before and found it difficult. With my method- each movement is broken down very simply and clearly. Then the exercise is shown from front and rear views. You can even watch it in 'mirror image' as many people find that easier to follow.

 Lastly- there is a downloadable manual with diagrams and names of all of the postures, and an audio file you can listen with headphones anywhere to nice relaxing tai chi music, and follow along.

 I have taught many people with this method and they have found it an easy and enjoyable way to learn.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Commencing Form

    3. Repulse the Monkey

    4. Brush the Knee and Push

    5. Parting The Wild Horse's Mane

    6. Wave Hands Like Clouds

    7. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg

    8. Kicking with the Heels

    9. Grasping the Bird's Tail. Part 1

    10. Grasping the Bird's Tail. Part 2

    11. Cross Hands and Closing Form

    12. Complete Set

    13. Rear View Follow Along

    14. Mirror Image Set with Posture Names

    1. Downloadable Manual of the 8 posture Form.

    2. Downloadable audio file- Tai Chi Music with my voice saying the names of the moves.

About this course

  • $29.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content