Dao Yin Health Building Exercises

Complete course on the Dao Yin Exercise. 

This is a wonderful sequence that combines breathing, meditation and movement. 

Suitable for all ages and develops good health and tranquility. The moves are taught with a poem, and music to go with the set.

Watch Intro Video


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the exercise and important points for Practise

    • Introduction and Important Points

  • 2

    Individual moves Broken Down.

    • Movement 1. Regulate the Breath.

    • Movement 2. Push the Boat Downstream.

    • Movement 3. Shouldering the Sun and Moon.

    • Movement 4. The 'Pan' Bird Spreads its Wings.

    • Movement 5. Lifting the Millstone.

    • Movement 6. Push the Window, Look at the Moon.

    • Movement 7. Brush the Dust against the Wind.

    • Movement 8. The Old Man Flicks his Beard.

  • 3

    Complete sequence 'Follow Along' with Music.

    • Complete Set Front View

    • Complete Set Rear View

    • Mirror Image, with English Translation

  • 4

    Downloadable Resources for Practise

    • Course Manual

    • mp3 Audio- Music with English Translation